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Working for long hours without retaining a good sitting posture is likely to deform the spine and trigger some critical or lifelong debilitating issues. This is why many desk workers have realized the importance of sitting on an ergonomic chair. When it is the matter of ergonomic chairs for maintaining a good posture, Herman Miller has proved itself to be a reliable brand. 

All Herman Millers chairs are admirable for their adjustment options due to which they can fit as per the users’ size as well as their way of working on the desk. They also have different ergonomic design features to give ample of support to the whole back, right from neck to legs. 

Above all, the most distinct aspect of Herman Miller is its loyal care for the Mother Nature. All of their chairs environment-friendly, as they are manufactured using recycled materials. This makes them not only durable but also recyclable.

Many of us know might already know about some of its popular chairs namely, Aeron, Embody, and Mirra. In this post, let’s analyze Embody vs Aeron and Mirra vs Aeron so that you can find out for yourself which one is the most suitable for you.


Herman Miller Embody Vs Aeron

Both these chairs are the two keystones of the brand’s collection but they are significantly different products. They are ergonomic and are designed to offset the ill effects of sitting for several hours at a stretch. Both tend to move with your body and render different functions that standard office or PC chairs cannot.

The Embody and the Aeron have managed to gain a strong fan following from different sectors along with many recognitions and praises. Often Embody vs Aeron is searched while choosing from the classic, safe Aeron and newer, distinct Embody. Following are the major differences: 

  • Technology: The Aeron features a pellicle suspension mechanism that occupies the space between the chair and the spine’s lower end. This ensures proper alignment of the spine. On the other hand, the

Embody comes with pixelated support technology, which features more than 50 flexors as well as 90 plastic pixels. This gives a look similar to that of the human spine and helps in moving with each movement of the user. This makes Embody more ergonomic!

  • Look: Both chairs have a stunning look. However, the Embody reflects a more urban look and appears to be a cooler option. This is due to its rare textures and shades such as papaya, blue, and green.

  • Size: This is the chief and clear-cut difference between the two. The Aeron is available in three different sizes, while there is no such option for Embody. 

  • Adjustability: Of the two, the Embody is fully adjustable, right from the arms to the tilt and seat. This is perhaps the strongest selling point of the Embody, as it can adjust to fit any kind of body shape as well as size. On the other hand, the Aeron is restricted to accommodate only a certain body shape depending on the body’s size.

  • Back Support: Both the chairs offer a good back support. Nevertheless, the design is fairly different. Most users find that the Aeron’s support is restricted to shoulder blades. However, this is exactly what the Embody overcomes with its narrow backrest giving full and incessant support to the user’s back. The Embody’s back support aligns more closely with a human spine. Its backrest is higher to give more support than the Aeron. 

  • Design: The Aeron has a conventional mesh back with a robust metal frame that holds the former tightly. The mesh nicely designed to support your back. However, it seems that the lumbar support is a bit bulky almost as if you do not require it. On the other hand, the Embody with its pixelated mechanism is more instinctive and less adjustable. Its back supports your entire back. However, the fit may not be as fine as the Aeron. This is because of its one-size-fits-all design and the less adjustable integrated lumbar. However, the Embody seems to work well for both tall and short users.

  • Seat Panel: A mesh panel with a metallic edge adorns the Aeron, while a similar pixel mechanism within the back support belongs to the Embody. Most people prefer the Embody’s fabric seat but the Aeron’s mesh seat panel is nice for those who sweat significantly. Further, the Aeron’s mesh seat seems to be a bit firm after some time that is likely to bring in discomfort. However, this does not mean that Aeron is not ergonomic or comfortable.

  • Material: This factor makes up for the major difference in terms of performance and appearance. Mesh is ideal for hot environments or for those who prefer a more traditional mesh appearance. The Embody’s material, fabric, is used in pixel design and backrest to offer a more intuitive back support. Still, Aero wins here over Embody for those who prefer thermal coolness. The breathable mesh is wider to make it a very cool chair. On the other hand, the balance mesh of Embody is breathable but it is finer and consequently less breathable. 

  • Reclining: The Embody’s recline system is somewhat better, as you can go back at your own will. However, the Aeron’s recline system relies on a locking system.

  • Iconic Status: It is clear that the Herman Miller Aeron has an iconic status. It is already a showpiece in the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art. It also has grabbed a gold award in the group of Designs of the Decade from the Business Week and Industrial Designers Society of America. The Embody is yet to gain such credits. 

  • Price: Of the two, the Aeron is cheaper than the Embody. But both the prices justify the features and functionality. 

Herman Miller Mirra vs Aeron

Both these chairs are ergonomic and popular. However, the Mirra falls short of the comfort level that the Aeron ensures. Its back is a bit hard. When it flexes, pressure somewhat comes on the back but it is uneven due to which the chances of a sore back increase. On the other hand, the Aeron has a soft back and ensures an even pressure distribution.

The seats on the Mirra and the Aeron are the same but the former one is smaller. Thus, it results in sticking of the seat edges, the solution of which is adjusting the chair for a frontward tilt. Still, the Mirra is better in terms of the overall support it is apt for anyone, provided there are no back issues. On the other hand, the Aeron is relatively more comfortable when it comes to Mirra vs Aeron.

Buyers also look for Aeron vs Mirra 2 ergonomic office chairs. The Mirra 2 is a newer model than the Aeron but its ergonomic shape is analogous to the latter. It comes with a modern design and in different colors. The Mirra 2 is for those who are looking for a high-end chair, which is somewhat more stylish than the standard one.

While comparing Mirra vs Mirra 2, the latter comes with a softer back than the Mirra. Evidently, there are hardly any major differences between the two.


The Mirra 2 and the Aeron are also among the best sellers with many similar respects. They are quite similar in terms of design and price. However, both are different in terms of some design aspects. Let’s check them out!

  • Size: The Aeron has three sizes to choose but the Mirra 2 has only one size. This is perhaps because the former lacks an adjustable seat depth.


  • Seat Mesh: The Aeron has a bit coarser seat mesh than that of the Mirra 2. Some users have reported of frayed pants while sitting in Aeron when the materials slip against each other.

  • Design: The Mirra 2’s design is simpler and has fewer parts than that of the Aeron.

  • Adjustable Arms: The Aeron allows setting the armrests’ height and rotating them towards your body or far from it. Even the Mirra 2 chair has the same functionality. However, it comes with an additional functionality of sliding the arm pads onwards and backwards.


  • Seat Depth Adjustment: This is something that the Mirra 2 chair has. It allows adjusting seat surface’s length. This ensures that it does not push into the rear of your knees while yet supporting the thighs. This is certainly an admirable option to have! Both shorter and taller individuals can use Mirra 2, unlike the Aeron for which the buyer needs to choose the right size and buy another one in case the body type changes later through weight loss or gain.


  • Butterfly Suspension Back: The Mirra 2’s backrest is composed of an elastic material wrapped in a breathable mesh that is soft. This is a plus point of Mirra 2 while comparing Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron.


So, which one is better? Well, if your budget is tight and the body is larger (over 200 lbs and 6’2”), go for the Aeron chair. In case you wish to go with a bit better design and comfort, the Embody’s premium design is worthy of your investment. Virtually, the Mirra 2 is a nice option if budget is tight and there are no back issues. 

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