Ergohuman Vs Aeron - Roundup Review

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Ergohuman, Herman Miller Aeron

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Ergonomic Office Chairs 


About $600.00 and $1000.00 respectively


This review summary provides all the information needed to decide which of these popular products are the best for your needs.


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The most esteemed chair makers, Steelcase and Herman Miller, have maintained their loyalty status in the world of ergonomic office chairs with models such as the Leap and the Aeron. This is due to their modern upholstery and technologically oriented ergonomic adjustability. 

Until now, there was hardly any strong competent for Herman Miller, particularly when it comes to the ergonomic mesh chairs. 

That said; its Aeron chair has ruled not only over the market of mesh chairs but also of the office chairs for almost 20 years. However, recently, there has been a strong contender, which is the Raynor’s Ergohuman chair.

The basic Aeron models are priced under $800, while their high-end ones with posture fit ability are above $1200. Further, its three different sizes making it tough for several individuals to use the same model.

On the other hand, the Ergohuman models are available in an extremely competitive price range  $700 and with a lifetime warranty. This is the most significant edge over Aeron. This is why Ergohuman vs Aeron is what people look for!

Still, the Fact Is…

The Aeron is among the most iconic chairs but the Ergohuman chairs are catching up as people are getting familiar with the brand. It is a strong chair to compare with Ergohuman, as several buyers often get confused when it comes to selecting an Ergohuman affordably or invest more in Herman Miller.

Frankly speaking, no one is an all-time winner. Several online reviews are available in which the buyers have chosen one over the other. This means it all boils down to your own preference and budget.

Ergohuman vs Aeron: The Clear Picture

While comparing, it is apparent to ask, "What the expensive Aeron has that the Ergohuman does not have?" Well, a straightforward reply is: "Nothing significant." The Ergohuman is ideal for its intensive use & seating on utterly ergonomic design. It seems that each of its aspects is adjustable, which are as follows:

  • Synchro-Tilt Mechanism: Allows moving the seat in direct proportion to the manner in which the backrest is reclined or waned for sustaining the ergonomic sitting position.

  • Tilt Tension Control: Allows adjusting the backrest’s tension while reclining.

  • Back Angle Adjustment: Rests the backrest for relaxing or moves it upright for working.

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: Is adjustable in terms of its position for placing it on the lower back.

  • Multi-Dimensional Armrest Technology: Allows moving the armrests up or down and at sides to keep the elbows and shoulders relaxed and at the right angle.

  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment: Allows shifting the seat up or down for balancing the knees at the right angle.

  • Seat Depth Adjustment: Allows horizontally gliding the seat such that the space between the knees’ back and the seat is approximately two inches.

  • 3-Position Tilt Lock: Positions the backrest in three different ways as per the interested viewing angle.

  • Back Height Adjustment: Allows vertically moving the backrest such that the chair’s back is on the shoulders and the lower arc on the lumbar area.

Such comprehensive adjustability is something that the Aeron lacks. Following are the significant points to know for Ergohuman vs Aeron:

  • The Ergohuman comes with an adjustable headrest for proper neck support, which the Aeron does not have. This is essential as the neck area gets tired quickly.
  • The Ergohuman supersedes the Aeron in terms of a highly adjustable backrest for relaxing the shoulders. The Aeron has a medium height backrest, which lacks adequate support to the shoulders
  • The Ergohuman arms are easily adjustable in height unlike that of the Aeron.
  • The Ergohuman has a seat-to-seat adjustment mechanism that fixes it depth as per knees’ optimal level, unlike the fixed Aeron’s seat.

A remarkable aspect of Raynor’s Ergohuman is its upholstery quality. The chair is available in leather and mesh. Being soft and lasting, the Legget and Platt mesh from Rayon comes with a nylon/polyester weave, which takes care of comfort and sag resistance. 

On the other hand, the leather draped with high-density foam takes care of comfortable sitting experience. Lastly, Rayon has made the Ergohuman environment-friendly by making it with recycled materials. 


Ergohuman seems to win with its full ergonomic support. However, Aeron is ideal as a task chair. Hopefully you know by now what is your product going to be!

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