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In the world of ergonomic chairs, Herman Miller and Steelcase are probably the two most popular brands.

Both are the largest producers of office furniture due to which it is not surprising to know that they dominate almost all lists of top 10 office chairs

With the biggest R&D divisions and a beneficial slot of patents, these two geniuses work hard for top achievements. If it is the matter of pure ergonomics,  Steelcase overcomes Herman Miller, chiefly because of the brand’s focus on supple back support mechanisms. However, Herman Miller wins the race when it comes to iconic design.

Well, this results in a fierce competition with nothing to compromise on build quality and ergonomics. Thus, it is common for ergonomic chair buyers to look for Herman Miller vs Steelcase.


Overview of Both the Giants

Both these chairs are the two keystones of the brand’s collection but they are significantly different products. They are ergonomic and are designed to offset the ill effects of sitting for several hours at a stretch. Both tend to move with your body and render different functions that standard office or PC chairs cannot.

The Embody and the Aeron have managed to gain a strong fan following from different sectors along with many recognitions and praises. Often Embody vs Aeron is searched while choosing from the classic, safe Aeron and newer, distinct Embody. Following are the major differences: 

Top Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs

Although now considered as an older option than its newer contestants, the Aeron continues to be an idol of exceptional design. It was Aeron that introduced the concept of ergonomic design in the world of chairs. 

Today, it is yet the preferable option for many due to its strong back support as well as comfort levels rendered incessantly for continuous hours. You can easily customize the position of armrests, seat height, and back to gain the desired level of comfort and support.

Another factor that contributes to its honor of being a highly comfortable executive chair is its mesh back that sustains the desired level of coolness. It is more than that of a foam back. This is commendable in a humid and warm setting in which perspiration usually makes it uncomfortable to work efficiently.


It is undoubtedly an expensive model but comes with several useful features, which seem to justify its price. The Aeron chair is also available in large, medium, and small sizes. Undoubtedly, the iconic design and superb build quality are its plus points.

However, the Embody chair is better in terms of ergonomics although it cannot beat in terms of iconic design status. It is admirable for its unflinching combination of back support and stylish design. It appeals to those who are looking for a cool office chair.

The Embody is also capable of offering a high level of comfort, as the backrest never fades to give ample of support to the lumbar portion of the spine. However, the backrest is closed due to which air circulation is problematic. 

This certainly brings down its overall comfort level rank. However, comfort is still beyond satisfaction due to the layers of the seat that ensure proper airflow. Well, for some, such a cushioned back is more favorable with it additional back support than a mesh back.

The style is not only visually appealing but also functionally imitating. Yes! The chair approximately imitates a human body with a spine in its rear’s middle area and ribs. So, instead of the back bending to the seat, the seat bends to your back.

The Embody is even costlier than Aeron, but only a few chairs can match its blend of back support and stylish design.

Top Steelcase Ergonomic Chairs

If Herman Miller focuses on design, Steelcase does the same but in a different way. While Aeron is an epitome of style, Embody is of functionality. Herman Miller does not mess around but designs well to minimize the impact of sitting all day while taking good care of your body. 

However, Steelcase takes one step ahead in terms of design regardless of the sitter’s posture. For this, it has already conducted a study involving around 2,000 people to know about the different probable sitting positions. The result of this was Gesture

Well, the Gesture chair appeals to the modern working people, especially those who work on mobile gadgets instead of only a desktop PC. So, the Steelcase Gesture moves with you. You can even move the armrests left and right, and up and down. With these armrests and pneumatic lift, the Gesture fits about anywhere.

Its rear contours to a human spine just as the Embody but retains itself regardless of whether you lean back to watch or hunch forward to type. There is enough cushioning in the seat and melds to your back quickly, no matter how much you turn.


The Gesture is available in different designs to suit your working room décor. When it comes to Steelcase Gesture vs Herman Miller Embody, the former is more affordable. However, both come in the expensive range.


However, it seems that it is the Steelcase Leap that is tagged as the best ergonomic chair. Yes, it is but because of high cost and sophisticated complexity, many do not consider it so. Leap is the Steelcase’s reply to the Herman Miller’s Aeron.

The main reason for its honor of being the best ergonomic chair is its revolutionary technology called LiveBack, which works as a proprietary support mechanism. It precisely supports the spine when you are moving.

Further, there is a glide mechanism that allows you to lean back comfortably while at work. This helps in overcoming the strain on eyes and neck.

The arms are adjustable in four ways, which makes it easy to arrive at the perfect height for the comfort of arms, shoulders, and neck. Even if you weigh 400 pounds, the Leap can fit you well without compromising its admirable performance.

Comparison of the Hottest Ergonomic Chairs: Steelcase Leap vs Herman Miller Aeron

While there are a few chairs of both brands that people search about, it is the Leap and Aeron that get maximum attention. This is probably because Leap is giving tough competition to Aeron. So, let’s look at 

Herman Miller Aeron vs Steelcase Leap.

  • Lumbar Support

In case of lumbar support, both models feature an adjustable mechanism. However, the Aeron’s is somewhat pushier as well as bulky handed, whereas the Leap’s is more customizable. The Leap allows tailoring the firmness of back support via a dial, while Aeron uses a fixed mesh formation.

  • Material

These two chairs significantly differ in terms of material. A few users favor mesh, as it is more bouncy as well as breathable. However, some prefer the conventional fabric comfort, as it facilitates more awkward seating. The Aeron is not that comfortable on a leg. Its mesh support is initially comfortable but becomes somewhat hard gradually.


  • Customization

This is again where Leap wins over Aeron while analyzing Aeron Vs Leap. Apart from the exceptional level of customization, Leap is a ‘one fit for all' chair to accommodate anyone. It allows adjusting the seat depth as per the length of your leg. On the other hand, Aeron requires you to choose the right size for accommodating you physically.

Further, the Aeron has restricted armrest adjustment as well as recline ability. However, the arms on the Leap can be adjusted in different ways. Also, Leap allows rotating them in any direction, unlike the Aeron. Still, it is a fact that the armrests on both chairs are reliable.

  • Design

The design of Aeron reflects transparency and functionality. One can view all the levers and mechanisms, as they easily found. Transparency comes from the pellicle mesh suspension and it gels with any environment. The thin frame elements trigger a feeling of lightness and breeziness. The Aeron is available in different colors and finishes. Its polished aluminum frame makes it stand out in any office no matter which shade of frame you choose.

On the other hand, the Leap reflects a livelier and a softer design. It is available in more vibrant colors than that of the Aeron. It is not that easy to spot some functional mechanisms, as they are hidden or are subtle. However, it appears to be heavier as well as bulkier than the Aeron. Still, it is favorable, as it is relatively more stable. Above all, the Leap is made using environment-friendly materials, which makes it recyclable, unlike the Aeron.

  • Price

Both the chairs are expensive and have almost the same price when it comes to comparing Steelcase Leap vs Aeron. They are highly durable and resilient to wear and aging due to steel parts, Aeron’s mesh, and Leap’s high-density foam.


In a nutshell, the Aeron is highly admirable for its minimalistic and silky design. On the other hand, the Leap is known for its little more flexibility. Go for the Aeron, and only the Aeron, if you need a chair to relax for most of the time.

The Leap is ideal for those who are looking for the blend of great comfort and right price for increasing your productivity.

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