Few Tips On How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans

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One of the most commendable features of modern office chairs is its ability to recline. However, at times, the chair can recline so much that it does not offer proper support to your back. Similarly, you may suddenly find that your chair is leaning from one side. These are the issues you resolve when it comes to how to fix an office chair that leans.


How to Fix an Office Chair that Leans to One Side

An office chair leaning to one side is unreliable. Such a misalignment is likely to put much strain on the spine, especially on the lumbar area. This, itself, reverses the goal and benefits of a good office chair. Thus, it is essential to solve this issue.


The good news is that you can easily resolve this issue even if you have no knowledge of its build. You need not an engineer to fix this issue. All you need is a set of some basic tools namely, a small adjustable wrench, a Philips screwdriver, and a flat tip, all of which should bring the twist.

However, before using any of them, it is essential to find out the reason of leaning to a side. In reality, only two reasons or causes exist, both of which need a treatment to make the leg base look at the ceiling. Here are the causes and its corresponding treatment:

  • Castors: These are always firm at the base regardless of the user’s weight. However, at times, they can collapse or bend, particularly if you move around while being seated on the chair. So, it is wise to check these castors for these defects. If they exist, you need to screw or fit them firmly to the legs. Another cause of leaning can be missing or loose castor screws. 

Well, this one is easy to fix. If the defect is irreversible, the only solution left is to replace one or more castors. To remove it out, you need to pull it off or loosen its screw, which is actually dependent on the chair’s build. If loosening is struggling for you, consider using a lubricant as a spray on the joint and use your hands. Once you buy a new castor, screw it or fit it over the leg’s base.

  • Swivel Seat Plate: If castors are fine, the issue is due to the metallic plate that is usually present beneath the seat. Start by confirming whether all bolts are tightly screwed into the holder of the plastic seat. In most cases, some bolts are missing on the side of the plate due to which the seat collapses or leans.

Thus, the fix is to get new bolts of the right size and screw them using an adjustable wrench. Compare the size of the new bolts with that of the old ones before buying to choose only the right size. Another cause could be the bent or ruined seat plate. If this is the case, then the only solution is to replace the plate.

How to Fix an Office Chair that Leans Back

To gain a firm back support, you may wish to stop your chair from leaning backward. If finding a solution to this issue is proving to be time-consuming and upsetting, it is clear that there are some things left for you to check.

First, find out whether the chair that you want to fix possess a tilt tension adjustment knob. This is because you may need to adjust it well to bring in more resistance at the time of leaning back or reclining. Just look beneath the chair for a knurled knob, which is usually at the seat’s center. If there is one, consider moving it clockwise for boosting the level of tension and thereby resistance.

If this knob is not there, there should be a lever beneath the chair. This level allows locking the back off in a predetermined location. However, the basic models may only come with a wheel that is visible at the base of the rear. Tightening this lever shall somewhat lock the back but it certainly does not prove to be an effective way to control backward leaning. 


Simple methods are there to help the naïve to fix the leaning chair issues. You just need to find the cause and then implement its corresponding solution. 

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