How To Make Your Desk Chair More Comfortable

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It is a fact that all aches crop up from working in the office by sitting incessantly throughout the working hours. While it is increasing your bank balance, it is also increasing the risks for your overall health.

A wrong chair or a bad sitting posture can lead to a variety of problems, right from sciatica to frozen shoulders. However, it is also a fact that we cannot prevent this continuous sitting on an office chair.

Thus, the key to prevent all health risks is to ensure that your chair gives maximum comfort to your body. This is why people look for how to make your computer chair more comfortable. 


The Need of Making Your Chair More Comfortable

An uncomfortable chair in your office can literally give you a feeling of the work not being done. It can even deteriorate your sitting posture, as you are likely to sit in some fixed way to get that feeling of comfort.

Such a chair can actually wreak havoc on your spine and back muscles, especially if it is assigned to you by default in the office. Thus, it is important to make that chair more comfortable. 

Whether you are a freelancer or work in a traditional office, you cannot deny that you spend a minimum of seven to eight hours sitting in a chair. This amounts to over 2,000 hours of sitting each year. With this figure, it becomes clear that your chair should be such that it makes you focus on your work instead of on the aching back.

This is exactly what the most comfortable chair can ensure. One way to such a chair is to know and implement how to make office chair more comfortable.

Ways for How to Make Computer Chair More Comfortable

While buying an office or computer chair, most of us get tempted to go for a chair that is ideal only for two to three hours of sitting. Even worse would be a naive selection from a garage sale without inquiring about the comfort level, sitting hours supported, and ergonomic features available. Actually, these are the points or factors to consider while buying a chair. 

However, if you have ended up with one such chair or with a less ergonomic model, there is a way to deal with it without buying a fully ergonomic chair. This is good news for those who cannot go for a new chair but also do not want to use their existing chair just to put their health at risk.


So, which is this way of remaining within the decided budget and still end up without any chronic back pain? What will you do to if you have to use your kitchen chair for some time instead of an office chair and yet want to handle the existing back problems? Well, following are a few ways to make your existing chair more comfortable, especially if it is not ergonomic or less ergonomic: 

Get the Best Office Chair Seat Cushion to Relieve Pressure

A supportive seat cushion is perhaps your best pal when your chair does not have proper support for your back. Using a seat cushion is also ideal for those who need some more support or are hit by sciatica. 

A seat support supports the lumbar and restores the back such that you are compelled to sit up with the right posture quite comfortably. It works even if you have to sit for a prolonged period.

uses of coccyx seat cushion

Coccyx Seat Cushion

everlasting cushion fixed to the office chair

Everlasting Cushion

woman sitting on comfilife cushion

Comfilife Cushion

Some of the best seat cushions for office chairs are Coccyx Aylio cushion, Everlasting Comfort pure memory foam cushion, and ComfiLife Premium comfort cushion for back, tailbone, and sciatica pain relief. These cushions reduce spine pressure due to their unique U-shaped design. 

The contoured pad supports the thighs and butt for distributing body weight evenly. This results in proper alignment of the spine.

You can even consider having a massage pillow to turn down the appalling chronic back pain. Such pillows have a strap to be affixed to the chair’s back. This allows using it while sitting on the chair and doing your work. Using the heating mechanism, the pad heats up to massage or press such that pain, tension, and knots go away.

Get the Best Back Support for Office Chair (Lumbar Support)

lovehome back support

LoveHome Back Support

vremi lumbar pillow

Vremi Lumbar Pillow

king comfort lumbar support

KingComfort Lumbar Support

Ergosource considers a lumbar support as a great way to make your chair comfortable. The two major aspects of an uncomfortable or a least comfortable chair are the lack of lower back support or uncomfortable sitting experience. In case an aching back is your problem, a small cushion on the chair’s back is bound to give you some relief. By providing adequate lumbar support, the shoulders and neck also do not have to bear more weight.


Additional cushion for the lower or lumbar area tends to support your spine’s curvature firmly. This is something that everyone should maintain throughout the sitting position, as it makes it simpler to sit for prolonged spells. It is true that several office or computer chairs provide lumbar support, but it is always wise to put in some extra support in case the chair is less flexible to provide it.


You can buy some lumbar support cushions that assist the back and makes you feel more comfortable while being seated for long hours. To buy the best one, consider going through some online reviews of the best lumbar support types.

Some of the best back or lumbar support cushions are LoveHome memory foam support with 3d mesh cover, Vremi premium memory foam support, King Comfort lumbar support pillow. Most of these are portable enough to be carried and have a strap for optimal use. Their flexible memory foam conforms to your back’s shape to increase the overall comfort level.

Tip: Alternatively, you can consider leaning against a small pillow or a rolled towel up.

Adjust the Chair’s Height

Sometimes, the only reason behind an uncomfortable chair is the wrong height and not the wrong chair. The height could be wrong because it is not set as per your own height. If you are lifting your neck or tucking the chin to work with files on a computer, some trivial height adjustments can maximize your comfort level.


It is recommended to adjust the chair as per your height prior to sitting, as it can easily and instantly maximize your comfort level. It is wrong to assume that the chair is in the same position when you last stood up from it. There can be changes made by someone else at home or in the office, depending on where your chair is!

Thus, it is best to increase or decrease the height of your chair by trying different angles and computer placement positions until the computer is lined up exactly with your line of sight. Or else, you can go for the next way to adjust. 

Keep a Footrest under Your Chair

In case your chair is very high and offers no means to adjust it, consider using a footrest by placing it under the chair. Doing so ensures that your legs are comfortable and your feet are in a proper position while you are at work. It is in this position that the circulation of blood in your legs and feet is up to the mark.

At the same time, your back shall not face any strain due to the chair’s unevenness, as your feet are grounded. Thus, a footrest supports your posture, back alignment, and blood circulation.

This works as a tip for super short people whose feet hardly seem to remain on the ground while sitting on a chair and in front of the office desk. They are likely to feel more uncomfortable as the daytime goes. For them, a footrest is an ideal solution! 

Go for Adjustable Arms

Sadly, somehow, adjustable arms are often an overlooked feature. For those who are unaware of its importance, the adjustable arms keep the risk of tight shoulder muscles at bay apart from supporting your arms. They are ideal to have, as they provide maximum support at the time of fatigue or exhaustion. With them, the body shall relax more and get tired less when you put your hands on the sides.

Sit Properly

In most cases, even if the chair is fine, our own habit of sitting wrong is the real culprit. Thus, it is important to sit straight! Sitting in a straight pose can actually turn the unhealthy situation into a healthy one. This also includes keeping your feet on the ground! Additionally, just avoid all those positions that tend to make you tired in some time.


You should always sit in a chair that is specifically made for your body. For example, for tall people, a chair that can raise itself to their height is ideal. Similarly, for heavy people, a chair that can evenly distribute the body weight to relieve pressure is perfect.

So, it is best to check the height and width before you buy. However, if you have already taken it, then it is best to go with the above adjustments. 

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