How To Fix Computer Chair That Keeps Going Down

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Several people spend long, incessant spells in office chairs that can be most uncomfortable if the chairs are not adjustable, especially in terms of its height. Typically all aches and strains are due to chairs that are not adjusted well as per the body’s contours.

To keep them away, one of the most critical adjustments to make is to raise the office chair. Doing so alleviates unwanted aches and make it comfortable for you to sit long. It is also the solution for how to fix computer chair that keeps going down.


Steps to How to Raise an Office Chair

There are people who are still unaware of how to make office chair higher. For them, the good news is that it is quick to do so that chair remains at the most appropriate height. Here are the four quick steps to perform the task:

  1. Decide the most suitable height level for your chair, at which you are likely to feel most comfortable. The level should be such that your feet touch the floor comfortably, while your calves and thighs form a right angle at the time of sitting. 
  2. Consider your working desk’s height at your workspace. In case of a higher desk or keyboard, it is better to raise the chair. Majority of desks have a dedicated keyboard tray due to which you should adjust the chair such that you can work or type without any stress. Adjusting the height of your chair would ideally be necessary even if the desk at your place is a normal one.
  3. Know the type of chair in your workspace. In case of a modern model or the latest build, there is a lever beneath the chair that allows adjusting the height. You can quickly reach it to make the chair go down or up and keep it fixed at that height. In case of an older model, you may have to rotate the chair clock or anticlockwise for making the necessary height adjustment.
  4. Now, you can adjust the height. Sit on the chair in front of your desk and raise the lever to make your chair go up in case it has a lever. In case there is no lever, get up and rotate the chair clockwise to lift it up or anticlockwise to make it go downward. Finally, sit and verify that the height of the chair is precise enough to give you proper support and comfort. 

Steps to How to Make Office Chair Taller in Case of Old Executive Models

If you have an old executive model, it needs to be set up well for facilitating height adjustments. Following are some simple steps to raise the height of such a chair:

  1. Measure and note the distance between the seat and floor. Remember, the chair’s height is ideally equal to the distance between the knee joint’s midpoint and the floor. Now, sit with feet touching the floor and note the distance between the knee joint’s midpoint and the floor. Note the difference, if any, between the two measurements.
  2. Keep a towel on the floor for defending the chair and turn it upside down such that its armrests and back are on the towel. In case of an old executive model, you can lower or raise the height simply by spinning it around on the threaded post.
  3. Grease the post by wiping all debris and spraying a lubricant along the whole length and into the base’s mounting socket. The accumulated dirt and debris usually make it hard to adjust the height. 
  4. Tauten the socket using an Allen wrench or a screwdriver. Doing so prevents the post from being loose and enables the base to allow raising or lowering the chair.
  5. Now, put the chair back in its straight position. 
  6. By placing a foot against its base to hold the base tightly, rotate the chair clockwise or anticlockwise to lower or raise it, respectively. Continue rotating until the measured height level has come. For lifting it by two inches, continue rotating eight times in an anticlockwise manner. This is because each spin raises or lowers by around 1/4–inch. 


With some simple actions, it takes only a few minutes to raise your chair. All you need is to follow the steps strictly. 

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