How To Sit In Office Chair - Simple Guide To Feel Comfortable

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Science, teachers, and our family elders have constantly been telling us to sit straight. Apparently, this applies to office chairs, couches, train seats, and wherever else we sit. Otherwise, sitting is killing, which is unfavorable for all those who are on chairs for more than 60% of the time each day.


This is because an incorrect sitting posture tends to invite long-term health issues with regards to spine, muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, and wrists. Poor seating can result in lumbar disc injury, lower-back pain, and improper blood flow to the legs, while a poor posture can trigger neck and shoulder pain and carpal tunnel along with the aforementioned problems. 

Thus, sitting with the right posture is remarkably important. This is why people working for several hours at their office desk often look for how to sit in a computer chair or how to sit in an office chair.


Points to Take Care of While Sitting on a Chair

The best chairs can support your posture only if you know how to sit. So, here are the guidelines to sit correctly on a chair:

Feet Position at the Time of Working: 

The chair's height should be such that your feet remain flat on the ground while sitting straight. This is an ideal working position, as it is less stressful for the body.

Sadly, there are several office chairs that easily facilitates feet propping. Here, the feet tend to prop against the chair’s legs at the time of working. This is known as perching, which is actually enticing. 

However, such a habit or allowance lifts your body forward, which makes it misaligned. So, avoid making perching your habit. Remember, the most comfortable chairs do not facilitate perching.

Spine Position:


It should be in alignment with the chair’s backrest. While this is somewhat tough to judge, focusing on the lower portion of your back can help. You should experience the backrest support in this area instead of only between the shoulders.

So, consider adjusting your position and chair such that maximum support is for this portion. Otherwise, joint pain can easily crop up.

Elbow Position: 

Place your hands on the keyboard such that the elbows are nearest to the 90-degree angle. There is no need to be so precise but be as close as possible. The resultant position should make you feel relaxed. If not, it is certainly not the right way to sit in an office chair.

Back and Buttocks Position: 

You should press both of them toward the chair’s back if possible. A few chairs are quite deep enough to allow this adjustment. However, it is actually an ideal way to have a straight posture.

So, keep an eye on this position, as most of us shall slouch with time after which it becomes essential to pull back for maximum support.

Knee Position: 

You should sit in such a way that there is some space between the chair’s edge and your knee’s back. The space need not be significant, but it should be such that you can fit one or two fingers there without any hassle. A more relaxed position or a footrest can help here in case the chair is a bit too deep.

Neck Position: 

This should be such that the problem of neck creep does not arise. In a good position, sitters gradually incline their head toward the screen with the passage of time.

As a result, a significant amount of stress falls both on the back and neck. While this is a common habit, it is an unhealthy one. A head support can overcome this habit, but not all office chairs have it. 

So, if your office chair does not have it, consider adjusting the distance as well as the angle of the computer monitor to stop this habit. As a thumb rule, keep the computer monitor at your eye level. 


Sitting in an office chair correctly involves placing each part of your body sit properly, right from eyes to feet. In other words, it means to have and maintain the correct posture. In case you are sitting for the first time on an ergonomic model, the aforementioned guidelines can ensure you the best posture. 

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