Mesh vs Leather Office Chair Comparison

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When it comes to buying an office chair, it is important to consider its material for choosing the most suitable model. Of all the materials available, leather and mesh are the most popular ones. This is why many buyers search for mesh vs leather office chair for knowing which of the two is most suitable for them. 

The leather is one of the classic and traditional material types, while the mesh is looked upon as a modern design with emphasis on the ergonomics. Owing to the increasing importance of ergonomics, mesh chairs are gaining more popularity. They are also admirable for their unique appearance. So, let’s make a mesh vs leather chair comparison by analyzing the different features and pros for the users.


Leather chairs make a prestigious impression when set in the backdrop of wood paneled walls. The material reflects an unparalleled class and distinction, which no other material can provide. It appeals to those who are looking for a glow of elegance and prestige to augment their professional business image.

On the other hand, mesh chairs prove to be a better option for an ultra-modern and modest office décor or to make an eco- or health-friendly statement. Their economic design is the major selling point, which consumes less manufacturing resources and occupies less space in a small cubicle. Even these chairs can render a professional image.


When it comes to mesh vs leather office chair comparison in terms of comfort, both lead to a tough competition. Leather makes a statement of elegance and comfort with its dense padding and support for delicate body areas such as lumbar and buttock bones. 

In some leather models, this padding comes with memory foams. Well, this is unfavorable during summer, as a leather chair generates a lot of heat making you feel hot while at work for several continuous hours. 

On the other hand, mesh chairs keep the users cool for a long time even during summer. This is because the material is breathable enough to allow effective air flow. Further, they act as a solution for fulfilling office seating needs. While most traditional office chairs with foam appear bulky and uncomfortable, mesh chairs are light and comfortable.

The skinny appearance and mesh fabric extending across the frame. Further, there is excellent support for the back and firm construction to facilitate a variety of shapes for mesh chairs. Thus, in terms of comfort, a mesh chair is a winner these days. 


While comparing mesh vs leather chair in terms of maintenance, it seems that mesh is a friendlier choice. Mesh chairs are light and easier to raise and move around than their leather equivalents. So, it becomes easier to clean them. 

All you need to is to vacuum it and follow it with warm soap and water for wiping off all stains. In case of tough stains, wipe them gently using a spot cleaner. Rubbing or scrubbing is not recommended, as they can fray the mesh.

On the other hand, leather chairs are as elastic as the mesh ones. In other words, they do not regain their original shape upon stretching. Further, they are also susceptible to fading when exposed to sunlight directly. However, removing dust is easy by gently wiping the chair with a vacuum cleaner having soft brushes or a dry cloth.



Mesh absorbs liquid more easily. This means it absorbs sweat and perspiration quickly. Here, soapy water and a damp cloth can remove the same from the chair. However, this is not possible in case of a leather chair. 

If a sweaty colleague sits on a leather chair, a damp cloth and soapy water can clean the leftover sweat. However, this method is unsuitable for an aniline-dyed leather chair, as it shall harm the fine leather.


This factor plays an important role in making you choose the right office chair. When it is considered for analyzing mesh vs leather office chair, both chairs are often of the same price. Usually, leather chairs are designed to last with little maintenance effort due to which they are appealing to several companies. 

On the other hand, durability can be a problem in case of mesh chairs. This is because the unsupported fabric may sag after some years. Once they lose their supportive shape, you have no option other than buying a new one. 


Both chairs have their own pros and cons. It is totally dependent on your needs as to which chair is most suitable for you. 

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