What To Buy: High Back or Mid Back Chair

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Most people are now aware of the health benefits of an ergonomic office chair, which range right from less muscle stress to improved posture. However, when it comes to choosing one such chair, it requires some knowledge about the features that deliver these benefits.

One such notable feature is the back height. Depending upon the height a chair has, it is classified into a low, mid, or a high back category. 

It is obvious that not any back height is suitable for you.

It all depends on your height and the ability of the chair to adjust to your body’s contour. So, which one is better for you when it comes to mid back vs high back chair? Well, for that, you need to be aware of each of these design categories.


Why Is It Essential to Know about These Designs?

As a fact, the difference between a high and a mid-back chair can impact your health significantly in your workspace as per a few key details. Thus, it is essential to know about this feature of ergonomic chairs. 

At times, it can be difficult to choose from the two, particularly as several office chairs come with these back height options. If you are unaware of this feature, you may end up choosing a wrong chair. This is another reason why you need to know about this feature. 

Why a High Back Chair?

A chair with a high back is instantly noticeable. Usually, it has a headrest or a neck and is bigger than a mid back chair. It also has a backrest that lengthens to the upper back. Such chairs provide support to the upper and lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Of all the three types of chairs, they are the most adjustable.

You should choose a high back chair if you sit for several continuous hours and do not require being mobile while on the seat.

Typically, it is for those who are on an office chair for up to nine hours daily. Additionally, if you are taller or bigger than the average physical measures, you gain from a high back chair. 

For back pain sufferers, a high back model with an adjustable lumbar support in terms of angle, depth, and height is an ideal choice. Following are the benefits of such a chair:

  • Incessant and adequate upper back support
  • Headrest that aids in sitting straight quite frequently due to which slouching is minimal 
  • More comfort, especially during prolonged sitting
  • Highly supportive

However, it should be noted that these chairs are not budget chairs. This is an important point of distinction when it comes to analyzing high back vs mid back chair. This means that mid-back chairs are relatively economical.

However, this does not mean that they are cheap in terms of quality. High back chairs are costlier, as more material is required in its buildup.


Why a Mid Back Chair?

A mid-back chair features a big backrest that extends until the height of the shoulder or neck. It aims at supporting the spinal curve and defending the lower as well as the mid back. It also delivers support to the region of the shoulder blade. 

While analyzing mid back vs high back chairs, unlike the latter, the former is reliable only for small work spells. In other words, a mid-back chair is comfortable and supportive for four hours or some more time.

Thus, they are ideal for desks or in conference rooms where office chairs are useful for different functions. Thus, they are ideal for more intermittent and less long-term sitting time.

Unlike high back chairs, mid back chairs are available in different styles and colors. Although you end up leaving out a few ergonomic features by choosing a mid-back chair, you yet get a supportive chair fulfilling your requirements. 

Here are some of the major benefits of mid back chairs:

  • Better fit in tighter workplaces 
  • Reliable for flex computer stations or working spaces
  • Available in several colors and types such as modern, ergonomic, and ribbed
  • Both in leather and mesh availability 


Go for a high back chair if budget is above $300, sitting time is for several hours, and if ergonomic features are your priority. Otherwise, a mid-back chair is fine.

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