Office Chair vs Gaming Chair - What Is The Difference

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Until now, most people were ignorant about the fact that an office chair is different than a gaming chair. Today, more and more people are getting aware of it. However, the probability of getting confused while choosing between them is still there. 

This is because for buying the most suitable chair, they need to know the pros and cons of each of these types and relate them to their needs. In the absence of this knowledge, they often look for office chair vs gaming chair, which is essential for choosing the right chair type.

Unlike office chairs, gaming chairs have several additional features such as pedals, integrated speakers, and steering wheels. However, this does not mean that office chairs do not have sophisticated designs. Thus, when it comes to comparing the two, the decision is often dependent on the buyer’s requirements.

Office Chair vs Gaming Chair: An Introductory Overview

Interestingly, a gaming chair is referred to as an office chair that drives inspiration from the seats of racing cars. It is designed specifically for comfortable and healthy sitting for continuous gaming for seven hours or more.


These chairs come with a high back to give good support to the head along with adjustable backseat as well as armrests. There exists a myriad of racing car designs due to which these chairs never fail in stunning the gamers.

This is also the reason they are not usually seen in a business environment, particularly in IT companies.

On the other hand, an office chair is something that exists in an office or at home for working at a desk.

Most of them are of a dark or neutral color such as brown and black and usually feature a mid-back pattern for supporting the head. 

Unlike the gaming chairs, office chairs are quite affordable. Although the price range can be between $40 to $1600 depending on the features and quality, they are far cheaper in terms of pricing than the gaming chairs. 

The Key Differences

When it comes to office chair vs gaming chair, there are significant differences apart from the price.   Office chairs are older in the industry than gaming chairs and feature a standard or spine-friendly design using mesh or leather.

Even their price range is wide. Better models come with a lumbar and a neck support, which are adjustable as per the requirements. 

On the other hand, gaming chairs are quite modern. Their popularity is only since a few years, chiefly due to digital sports and pro gamers. Their design is inspired by motorsports and video games, which make them easily recognizable as compared to other chairs.

Most gaming chairs come with headrest pillows for firm lumbar as well as the neck support. Well, this is something that office chairs do not have. 

However, there are adjustable armrests and tilt mechanism just as those in upscale office chairs. Many gaming chairs come with metal star base, which is another distinct point of differentiation.

In case of ergonomic functions, gaming models provide choices. For example, you can choose either cloth, vinyl, or even a patented motorsport upholstery. Their ergonomic integrity is certainly a step higher than the standard office chair models.


Apart from the high straight backrest, free neck pillow, and adjustable lumbar for taking special care of your back, the chair’s back is highly flexible. Some models can adjust up to 180 degrees. This allows taking a comfortable small nap in between.

Gaming chairs are also convenient for those who want to eat and drink in between the play. Spillage is not a problem, as a simple wipe is fine to get rid of it.


Many people still believe that gaming chairs are for those who continue to play for even hours or more. While this is true, even an upscale good office chair can help you do so without pain. You only need some exercises and breaks.


So, who wins the race? Truly speaking, it is your budget! If you do not intend to spend lavishly, an office chair is a better choice. However, if the budget permits and you intend to invest in a sporty look, a gaming chair is what you should go for.

Just keep in mind that a gaming chair is not for all. It depends on which design you prefer in your workspace: a racing style or a still style. 

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